Slew Micci


Ride on Slew Micci

This past Tuesday I got to finally ride!  It has been over a month since I sold Blaze and ridden a horse.  I was having serious horse withdrawls.  I contacted my friend Beth who has two horses at a barn in Suffield, CT.  I asked if I could get a lesson over there and she suggested I hop on her older horse named Slew Micci.

I arrived in Suffield Tuesday night so excited to ride a horse!  I didn’t care if I walked the whole night or just got to pet one.  I was just happy to be surrounded by the four legged friends.  I was greeted by Beth and her daughter Elaina who has been currently riding Slew.  She explained to me that he was 19 years old and is planning on completing him in novice events this summer.  Compaired to my 15 H quarterhorse this guy was big for me!  He was a 16.3 wide barreled Thoroughbred.

I led him into the indoor giggling with amusment.  I was going to look like a little jockey on this guy!  I guided him to the mouting block, adjusted my stirrups and hopped on.  I looked in the mirrors and laughed.  My leg came to the bottom of the saddle pad and there was almost 2 feet of barrel my leg didn’t even touch.  The three of us laughed because I looked like a peanut on Slew.

Elaina explained it takes him awhile to really get going and that he was a little cranky at times.  As I squeezed my legs around him he pinned his ears and didn’t really want to go forward.  He needed a lot of leg to get moving.  Elaina gave me a spur which helped since I could barely get my leg around him.  My ride got better after.  I walked, trot and cantered around the ring.  He had such a huge stride compared to what I was used to.  Beth stated he really liked to jump and thats why she loved eventing him.  He was a point and shooter type of horse.

We started small about 2’3-2’6 and Slew really perked up.  I had a little trouble around the corners because they came up quick and he was a lot of horse for me to move around.  He would see the fence and would move up to it.  He was really cool to ride and feel this.  Beth and I did a small course and then Elaina hiked the fences to about 3-3’3.  I hadn’t jumped that height in a really long time.  We decided I would just do some single fences to practice over.  It was such an amazing feeling because he knew his job and would get the distance every time.  I would have to half halt and balance up to it and I would find the spot every time.  I had an amazing ride that night and it reinforced that I made the right decision about Blaze. She was never going to take me to the level I was hoping to compete at.








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